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4 Aug 2019 A quick look at the Super Mario 64 Speedrun page on Cheese's record is in the 100% 120-star category which means that in 

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A description of tropes appearing in Super Mario 64. from the greatly fleshed out Hub World to its nonlinear gameplay - has been felt ever since (leading to the 

14.01.2018 · Watch as speedrunner Kirua completes the classic Super Mario Bros. 3 in world record time without using any major glitches. You can check out more of Kirua's speedruns here at https://www.twitch Speed Demos Archive - Super Mario World Super Mario World 100% has changed a lot over the past year, in particular thanks to Cronikeys and Wawlconut who saved a lot of time with new routes through various levels. I didn't have a goal for this category, just wanted to get a run that didn't have major mistakes. Thats pretty much what I got here. The clips in Vanilla Dome 2 and Forest TASVideos submissions: #1366: FODA's N64 Super Mario 64 "120 Super Mario 64. The game that introduced analog controlling for a vast majority of players around the world. When I watched Spezzafer's Super Mario 64 TAS last year, I asked for a 120 star run. And then I decided that if I wanted it so badly, why not do it?. So I started working on the longest TAS I've ever worked on (both in movie length and amount of time working on it).

Super Mario Odyssey speedrun world record - Polygon The world record for an “any%” speedrun of Super Mario Odyssey has been broken three times over the past 10 days, all by the same runner. The latest mark is 1:03:19, held by NicroVeda, a Super Mario 64 speedrunning record interview | Red Bull We chat to the speedrunning sensation Cheese05, and discover how his latest world record run is still far from perfect. Meet Allan Alvarez. He’s the greatest Super Mario 64 player who has ever World Record Progression: Super Mario 64 - 120 star : speedrun Great video. Wish there was a little more discussion of some of the more interesting tricks/discoveries (cannonless is the only one with any detail I'd say at minimum BLJ deserves mention), similar to your Super Mario Bros video, but overall just fantastic work. Would love to see Ocarina of Time next. Or maybe Super Metroid.

2 Apr 2017 By His Own Twitch Chat During Super Mario 64 World Record Attempt Players in the Mario 64 speedrunning community have been shaving seconds off for years but no one has ever gotten inside of a 100 minutes. List of Super Mario 64 glitches - Super Mario Wiki, the Mario For glitches found exclusively in the remake, Super Mario 64 DS, see List of Super After defeating Bowser in the Dark World or Fire Sea, he spins around to. a 100-coin star or a cloned star on a Donut Block or carpet in Rainbow Ride. a star while his coin count was at 999 it would save in the records as 231 coins. The Super Mario 64 Speedrun Record Just Got Positively 8 May 2017 The Super Mario 64 Speedrun Record Just Got Positively Smashed whiz managed to 100% the game in just under 100 minutes, collecting all 120 stars Salt details the history of the Super Mario 64 speed run world record  Speedrunning Glossary - SpeedRunsLive

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Speed Demos Archive - Super Mario 64 Hi, this is my 70 star speedrun. I've played mario 64 for 7 months. My only mistakes in this run were not getting early elevators in the fire sea, and getting into rainbow ride (lol). I doubt I'll ever beat this for a long time. As of submitting this run, this is a world record, although it may not be anymore. Super Mario 64 World Record: Then and Now : speedrun OP here, I thought of doing a comparison between the first World Record of the Super Mario 64 speedrunning categories with the latest record, mainly because I'm bored. I'm not sure if this kind of content is allowed here, but if it is, feel free to delete it. This only includes console records, but I also have a list for VC and EMU records Super Mario 64 speedrun world record accidentally broken -

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