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Help:Extension:Translate/Page translation example - MediaWiki If you are a translation administrator, then click on the "Mark this page for translation" link. The page has been automatically split into four translation units. Wikipedia:Pages needing translation into English - Wikipedia This version of Wikipedia is written in English (see Main Page#Wikipedia languages). With this being said, this page is a place to list foreign language articles on the English Wikipedia, to see if they can be translated before they are… Wikiknihy:Portál Wikiknih – Wikiknihy You can subscribe your personal talk page and a community page like this one. The newsletter can be translated into your language.

Wikipedia:Simple talk/Archive 118 - Simple English Wikipedia… This is an archive of past discussions. Do not edit the contents of this page. If you wish to start a new discussion or revive an old one, please do so on the current talk page. Gpg4win - Translate Gpg4win into your language Here, you find a description on how to translate each of the modules or just how to check whether it supports your language. Wiktionary:Beer parlour - Wiktionary Such discussions may be taken out of the Beer parlour to a relevant page, or a brand new page may be created. Usually, the active policy pages will be listed in one of the sections below. How to build multilingual sites with Elementor and WPML

Are your wondering into how many languages should you translate your website? Here are some useful tips to help you decide how to spend your money wisely. Wikipedia:Translation/*/Lang/ja - Wikipedia This page is currently inactive and is retained for historical reference. Either the page is no longer relevant or consensus on its purpose has become unclear. Wikipedia:Safaarad - Wikipedia They have studied how long it takes to open the page and start typing. The study uses data for more than one million edits during December and January.

If you normally surf the internet in English, and the site is in Spanish, Google will automatically detect the change and try to translate for you. If it does not offer to translate the page, or you accidentally hit "no," there will be a small set of boxes in the far right corner of your URL box.

Wikipedia:Community Portal - Wikipedia en: Requests for the bot flag should be made on this page. This wiki uses the standard bot policy, and allows global bots and automatic approval of certain types of bots. How to translate? | Could you tell me how and where i can do that? Translator’s Handbook – Translate WordPress Welcome to the Translator Handbook! The translators handbook will teach you everything you need to know about the Polyglots team and how we translate WordPress into different languages. Translation FAQ - MoodleDocs

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